Terms of use

To use the int:net Community platform, you need an account, which requires registration. When registering, you must provide an email address and your real name.

This data will be permanently stored by us as long as the platform is in operation and will be used for the in-ternal processing of your participation. 

We reserve the right to refuse registration or delete accounts if the pseudonym violates applicable law or contains offensive or other prohibited or protected names or parts of names.

Terms of use:

  • Each user may have only one active account
  • It is not allowed to gain unlawful access to other accounts or to try to do so
  • Inactive accounts will not be deleted automatically, for deletion a short mail with indication of e-mail address and full name to community@intnet.eu is sufficient
  • Insults, disparagement or other questionable statements about other users in any form will not be tolerated and will be deleted
  • Advertising of any kind, spam and chain letters are not allowed
  • The imitation of official institutions, as well as the use of morally or politically incorrect names is pro-hibited and will be sanctioned with account deletion
  • It is not allowed to distribute copyrighted media such as documents or videos